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Shades Forever

Shades Forever is our sister company that consists currently of only Microblading. We plan to add more permanent and semi-permanent services to our menu in the near future!

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New Clients ($400) Split into the 3 following payments

Deposit (Non Refundable)                                 $100

Required within 3 days of scheduling in order to secure your appointment. This deposit is non-refundable in the case of no call/no show, and is applied towards total cost of service.

First Session                                                            $200

During this session you will fill out necessary paperwork, and your new brows will be carefully created! Make sure you read pre-care instructions that are sent via e-mail before arriving to ensure no contraindications apply. (2 Hour Service)

Second Session                                                     $100

Administered 4-8 weeks after initial session. This session is necessary to truly perfect your brows & make sure they last! Pre + post care instructions are applicable towards this appointment as well - please schedule accordingly. (1 - 1.5 Hour Service)

Color Boost (Returning Clients)                      $200

Generally administered between 12-18 months since your last session to maintain shape + color for the next 12-18 month period. (1 - 2 Hour Service)

Additional Touch Up                                           $35+

Offered between 2-4 months after second session based off of preference. Anything past 4 months of last appointment will be charged as a colorboost. Price varies depending on condition of brows and how much product is used. (1-2 Hour Service)


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To see all work done by our artist, you can visit her Instagram profile: @shapedby_b

What you need to know about Microblading:

Microblading is a semi-permanent technique that mimics hair of the eyebrows. This service is less invasive than eyebrow tattooing, and is all controlled by the artists hand. Whether you're in need of shape, color, density, or all three - Microblading could be for you! To ensure that your time and money are well spent, we use only the highest quality of product in the industry! This service does require a two-week healing process following each appointment. Following aftercare instructions properly is extremely important, and a direct reflection of your healed results. All aftercare will be instructed during your appointment, and sent to you through e-mail. Our artist prides herself in providing a natural + unique set of brows that is tailored to each individual - making sure that your brows are flattering and complimentary to YOU. If you have any questions regarding this service, please e-mail Brooke directly at

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